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Why our worms are better:

Our superworms are fed a scientifically engineered diet that contains a protein level of 16%.  This higher level of protein is very beneficial to the continued health of your exotic investment.  All ingredients contained in the feed are organic and natural.

All of our superworms are grown locally in a climate controlled and extremely clean facility.  In each box, you are guaranteed to only receive superworms, egg flats, and potatoes.  Nuisance bugs and other pests will not be along for the ride.

Please remember that superworms cannot be refrigerated. These particular worms offers a significant amount of movement for your exotic investment.  Superworms have a softer outer shell which is easier for digestion.

Don’t forget to check out our blog section.  There you will see very helpful tips on how to care for your superworms once they have arrived.  If you have any more questions about taking care of your superworms, please feel free to contact us.

Most exotics who prefer superworms can also have crickets added to their diet.  Check out our great selections of quantities and sizes in our cricket menu.


Approximate length of each superworm is 1.75 in. to 2.25 in.


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