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You are a very intelligent individual. Taking the time to thoroughly research which exotic best fits into your daily life routine. Maybe your purchase was for the purpose of being a family pet. On the other hand, maybe you’re an entrepreneurial hobbyist looking to breed a particular exotic species for profit. Whatever the case, you understand the importance of a good diet for long-term health of your investment. We all work way too hard for our money to take unnecessary risks. The Beechdale difference is……


  • Guaranteed Healthy Feeders With 10% Overage Counts On Each Order



Don’t risk your exotic’s health or life by feeding it inferior mice, rats, crickets or worms. All of our feeders are fed scientifically engineered diets for optimal health. Feel confident knowing our feeders are very beneficial from a health perspective and also you get more value for your money.

Beechdale not only guarantees the overall health of our feeders for sale, but all of our worms and crickets have 10% overage counts in each box. For your frozen feeder needs, we automatically add 10% more rodents into your order at no extra charge. Yes, you read that correct the first time!! More quality value without additional money out of your pocket. But, but, there is so much more…….


  • Experience

We have been breeding various feeder rodents, crickets, and worms for over 15 years. Our experience is beneficial from raising healthy livestock to understanding the variables involved in shipping your order. This experience has given a very diverse group of customers to trust Beechdale with their feeder needs. Our customers include ball python breeders with various morphs that sell for over $5000. Conversely, a customer who needs a shipment of superworms throughout the year for the family’s pet Bearded Dragon. You may have a emotional attatchment to your pet or a significant investment in a breeding colony. In either case, Beechdale understands there is so much more then just “filling the order”.


  • No Doubt, Your Order Arrives At Your Door Step Better Then Driving  And Getting It Yourself

It is understandable you could have doubt having feeders shipped directly to your door. There are certainly horror stories aplenty of boxes being severely damaged or just flat out lost during the shipping process. Not to worry, if by chance, there is a problem just contact us. We will replace the shipment or return your money. You won’t have to send us a picture or try to send it back to us as proof. We trust you, just as you have trusted Beechdale to send you the highest quality feeders.


  • Ordering A Pizza Will Seem Difficult In Comparison

Our products are convientley available in four different quantities to fulfill your feeder needs. You will see all appropriate information relating to your feeders including photos, weights and lengths of the products. Beechdale prefers to only accept Paypal payments to help keep secure your important financial information. You have the ability to make an informed decision, yet be allowed to quickly finish your transaction then to spend extra time filling out all “appropriate fields that are asterisked“.

Beechdale Animal Supplies respects your privacy and is careful to protect your confidential information. We do not sell, rent, loan or transfer any personal information to any unrelated third parties.

The only thing left to do is go to the appropriate product page from the drop down menu  and order the quantity that fits your feeder needs.


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